Sara lives in Gambella Region, Ethiopia. She came from Sudan as a refugee in 1991. Her husband raises cattle, and they have five children. Sara can read, but not well. Few people in her community can read a Bible.

In 2015, Sara’s church received two Talking Bibles to share. The church divided its 150 members into groups. These groups meet during the week to listen to a Talking Bible and discuss what they hear. The members are thrilled to be able to hear God’s Word more than just on Sunday.

But Sara and her church are not keeping the Talking Bibles only for themselves.

Many in the community where Sara lives have no knowledge of God. Drunkenness, hate, and selfish behavior are common.

Elders and volunteers take the Talking Bibles into the community and share them with people, going house to house. They listen together, pray, and shepherd the new believers. They invite them to join listening groups with other church members.

Amazing things are happening. Bad behaviors are being replaced with love and forgiveness. God’s Word is bringing hope to the community.

They are seeing people, who have had reputation for doing bad things, now changed by God’s Word. The new believers are learning how God wants them to act and are living this out.

Sara remembers a man who was often drunk, asleep on the side of the road, too drunk to get home. She remembers how this man repented and became a Christian. Now he is involved in a listening group.

Sara’s church has more than doubled to 350 people. Being able to listen to God’s Word is a blessing for them.

As for Sara, the Talking Bible has increased her faith and given her confidence to reach out to others. She is very thankful for what God has done in her life and through her church.

Your partnership with Talking Bibles helps to place Talking Bibles and provide training for local believers to share with non-believers. This allows God’s Word to work in hearts and minds to reach the unreached and bring hope and God’s love to the lost.

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