Have you ever had a prayer answered in an unexpected way?

When Tera Devi was baptized in 1997, she began asking God for a Bible to study. Her prayer took great faith. Tera is an illiterate woman from a low caste family. She lives in a small village in Punjab, where fewer than two percent of the residents follow Christ. How could she ever have a Bible of her own?

Tera says God answered her prayer with a Talking Bible through circumstances she would never have imagined or hoped for.

Sitting with her son and daughter, Tera points to where her left leg once was. “Because of diabetes the doctor needed to remove it two months ago. It was a horrible day. We were shattered like a glass dropping on the ground,” she recalls, “But that hard day brought a better day.”

For the first month after the amputation, she felt trapped in her own house. Every day, her husband would go to the iron foundry and her children to school, leaving her homebound and depressed. Still Tera continued to pray. She knew God had a plan, but she was losing hope. As desperation was setting in, Tera’s pastor came to visit with a gift of a Talking Bible. She was overjoyed.

In the last month, Tera has listened through the whole New Testament. She has even played some books multiple times. Not only does her family enjoy listening with her, but her neighbors have begun coming to listen to the Talking Bible with her. Tera says, “My prayer to be able to have Scripture was answered, but I never thought it would be a way to evangelize as well.”

Tera’s son, Sonuku, regrets his mother needed to lose her leg, but explains that his family sees it as part of God’s providing a way for the family to have their own Bible. They now listen together every morning for devotions before leaving for the day.

Her daughter, Mini, says her family’s faith has increased as they have seen their mother’s prayer for Scripture answered. The young woman adds, “I have such peace seeing my mother so happy and content to listen to her Talking Bible.”

Tera says she has been intrigued by the story of Zacchaeus climbing a tree to reach to Jesus and then Jesus coming to his house for dinner. Using the Talking Bible book and chapter navigation buttons, she has listened to that story in Luke 19 over and over. The repetition has allowed her to understand why Jesus said, “The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” She says the story gives her hope for her non-believing neighbors.

Sonuku and Mini would never have chosen the method God used to bring access to God’s Word to their family, but they are still very grateful for the Talking Bible. Looking at her mother, Mini said, “We are forever changed by my mother losing her leg, but we are also changed by being able to listen to this Talking Bible.”

The Talking Bible that Tera received from her pastor was paid for by donations from churches and people like you. Your partnership with Talking Bibles is helping to answer prayers for non-readers.

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