Jarso is a kind, peaceful man.

But he wasn’t always this way. He used to be very angry and often fought with others.

Jarso lives in a village in Ethiopia. He never learned to read. He had few friends because he was always unhappy. People pushed him away and didn’t want to be around him.

One friend never gave up on him. She kept inviting Jarso to come to her listening group to hear the Talking Bible. He kept putting her off. Finally, Jarso agreed to go.

As soon as he started listening, he became intrigued by what the Bible was saying. The words he heard made him so happy. He didn’t want to be so angry all the time, but until then, he didn’t know how to change.

A miracle happened in Jarso’s life. He heard the Word of God and was convicted. He heard about the miracles that Jesus was doing. During that time he saw a person delivered from a demon. He started to understand how God’s power could heal people, physically and spiritually. He was able to let go of his anger.

Jarso began to follow Jesus.

Now regularly attending the Talking Bible listening group, he can talk to people and discuss ideas with them peacefully and joyfully.

Transformed by the Holy Spirit, Jarso is learning to live a life of love in God’s peace.

Millions of people in the world are lost and hurting. They have no hope. But God’s love rescues people out of their darkness and gives them joy through His Word.

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