Through these Talking Bibles, we have experienced God really touching us in many ways…

⸻ Pastor David

From destruction and bloodshed to comfort and hope, Pastor David uses Talking Bibles to change lives in the refugee camp.

Civil war broke out in South Sudan in December, 2013, between the two largest ethnic groups in South Sudan—the Dinka and the Nuer. Since the outbreak of the conflict, armed groups have targeted civilians along ethnic lines. There has been terrible violence, destruction of property, looting of villages, and recruitment of children into the soldier’s ranks.

Over 1.6 million South Sudanese have been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have sought refuge in camps. Many arrive with only the clothes on their backs. The physical and emotional trauma these refugees have suffered is beyond what we can imagine.

These refugees are in need of so much. The U.N. and other organizations are helping with physical needs such as food and shelter, while Talking Bibles International is helping pastors minister to the spiritual needs of the refugees by providing Talking Bibles.

The hope and encouragement from God’s Word, spoken to them in their heart language on a Talking Bible, is changing hearts and minds.

When war and fighting broke out near his home in South Sudan, Pastor David fled with his wife and eight children and arrived in Ethiopia at a refugee camp. Having experienced it himself, he understood the terror and trauma many of the refugees had suffered and wanted to help them. He received several Talking Bibles soon after arriving to help with his ministry in the refugee camp.

“We are using these Talking Bibles in our church and ministry. We are very thankful for them because we are seeing many changes in our people. Blind people can hear God’s Word and those who do not read are coming to know the Lord. Many people were playing cards and doing nothing—now they are listening to God’s Word and attending church. It has brought many people together and helped us have a better community,” he explains, through a translator.

Pastor David also uses the Talking Bibles as “evangelists”, sending them out among the people living in the camp. He shares, “Previously we would send a person, but now we often will send a Talking Bible for people to listen to first. Then we will send a person to them to answer their questions. The Holy Spirit is speaking to them through this Talking Bible. We have seen about 20 new people accept Christ every month through this method.”

Explaining how God’s Word has helped the suffering, Pastor David says, “Through these Talking Bibles, we have experienced God really touching us in different ways. The pastors are using the Talking Bibles to minister to many people who are having a hard time because of the problems facing us. It is very effective to share this Talking Bible with those who are suffering. We are just leaving it with them for some time and then following up and discussing life and God’s Word with them. Many people are so happy that I have shared God’s Word with them through this Talking Bible.”

God’s Word is powerful and life-changing. It can comfort the hurting, restore brokenness, and aid in forgiveness. Please pray God will use Talking Bibles to help bring about the peace in South Sudan that so many long for.

You can be a part of this exciting opportunity. Your gift will help send Talking Bibles to the refugee camps in and around South Sudan. Please help share God’s Word with those who have already suffered so much. Give the gift of God’s Word to a non-reader today.

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