Though she can’t read, Durga is not shy about sharing her faith. She has been a Christian for many years, but only recently received a Talking Bible. Being able to play the Talking Bible for others has created opportunities she never expected!

One day, Durga hung her Talking Bible on the front of her house and played it loudly. Just then, the power went out in the area. Most other city noises were silenced, but the Talking Bible continued to play. Her neighbors came out of their houses to learn what the noise was. “How can this voice come from your house?” they asked.

She explained that the Talking Bible was the Word of God, and used the opportunity to tell others about Jesus. Several of those neighbors now listen with her regularly.

Durga owns a small general store. She plays her Talking Bible in the store. As people come in and shop, they hear the Talking Bible. She witnesses for Jesus with all her customers.

As Durga told us about her experiences, she laughed and giggled. The joy of knowing God radiates out of her. This beautiful woman of God does not hesitate to share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ with everyone she meets.

Her excitement for the Lord and her ability to share His Word with a Talking Bible is a mighty combination. With your help, others like her will receive a Talking Bible, learn about God’s saving grace, and share with others around them.

Durga will continue to play the Talking Bible for her friends, neighbors and customers. They are listening and learning. Many are asking for a Talking Bible for themselves.

The Talking Bibles provided by your faithful support will be the only way some people will ever hear God’s Word. Please continue to give and share God’s saving grace and love with those around the world who can’t read.

Will you help us tell the Good News to those who have never heard? Help us place Talking Bibles into hands and hearts of non-readers.

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