Ruth dreams of sharing her faith.

She has been a Christian for 20 years, but she can’t read. She only hears God’s Word when the pastor reads it at church. Ruth doesn’t feel like she can share the love of Jesus with others.

A basic labor job in a thread factory is a blessing for this married mother of three. It is also a burden, because Ruth is surrounded by 40 coworkers who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. She prayed desperately for almost 10 years for a way to share the love of Jesus with them.

Three months ago, her prayers were answered when her pastor presented her with a Talking Bible in her native language of Hindi.

Taking a break from her work, Ruth explains how she uses the Talking Bible to reach the women she has been praying for. She says, “My coworkers ask me to play the Talking Bible instead of the radio while we work and often ask me questions about what they hear.”

In three months, Ruth and her coworkers have listened through the whole Talking Bible at least five times. All her coworkers are women, and they particularly enjoy listening to the story of Jesus with the woman of Samaria (John 4). They have heard the story so many times, Ruth feels she can repeat it perfectly. She adds, “Every time we listen to the story, we continue to speak about it and so many questions are asked.”

Ruth says, “*Many people are becoming Christians because they hear the Talking Bible.*” In the three months she has had the Talking Bible, she has shared the good news of Jesus more than she ever had before.

The power of the Word of God has not only been seen in Ruth’s place of work, but also in her home. She listens with her family every night. Her husband has responded by rededicating his life to the Lord. She says they had been having problems, but hearing God’s Word regularly has strengthened him to have victory over bad habits.

“Many of our neighbors have seen the change in my husband, and they are asking what is different? *We tell them we are listening to the words of Jesus Christ in our home, and those words have power to change us,*” she explains confidently.

Ruth’s extended family and community know nothing of Christianity. When they hear God speak from her Talking Bible, she can share with them what she believes. She smiles and adds, “The Talking Bible allows someone like me to be able to explain who Jesus Christ is to others like me.

Help us place Talking Bibles with non-readers like Ruth who want to share the love of God with their community but feel unequipped.

Send a Talking Bible and give the gift of evangelism and God’s love to a non-reader. They need to hear.

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