Garbicha is so thankful.

He says, “God used you guys for us. We heard the gospel and now we are Christians and delivered from the devil. We are happy!”

Thanks to you and your prayer and financial support, Garbicha now believes in Jesus Christ and has never been happier.

Garbicha never learned to read. At 72 years old, it’s not likely to happen anymore. But one of his eleven children helped to get him a Talking Bible.

Asked about the changes in himself and his village since he received a Talking Bible, Garbicha says, “I cannot explain to you everything that has happened to me and in this village – there is not enough time.”

Garbicha’s community knows that God is working as he explains, “We have become Christians because the devil has been attacking us and we have seen that God’s power can deliver us.

For example, he adds, “I have a relative who was sick – before we came to Christ and even still. We are helping him try to get better.  I have sold 15 goats to find help for him.  We see how devil is playing on people.  Satan kills and makes people sick.  But now we have seen many people delivered and healed through Jesus.”

“One of the specific things that I learned” Garbicha continues, “is that we should not do adultery. There is nothing for a person more than his wife.  I learned that leaving my wife to go to others is a big sin. It’s a sin to have children with other women not your wife.  This is a message that is important to our culture since these things are widely accepted and harmful to us.”

Listening to the Talking Bible, in his own language, has changed Garbicha’s life.

Thanks to your support, Garbicha and his whole family have become Christians and are trying to live according to Jesus’ teachings.

Garbicha also belongs to a Talking Bible listening group. The group listens to the Talking Bible and discusses what they heard each day. This constant stream of God’s Word has helped them grow in their faith. They understand that the Word of God is not just words but God speaking to them.

We give thanks to God for blessing the Talking Bible ministry with partners like you. Thank you for helping to share God’s Word with non-readers.

The year is nearly over. Will you make a gift of Talking Bibles before this year ends? Your gift will help place Talking Bibles in homes where no one can read.

Your gift will change a life, a family, a community.
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