Listening to God’s Word in the Talking Bible is helping my faith to grow.

⸻ Nagalakshmi

Many non-readers worship idols made from wood and stone—gods that cannot hear or answer prayers. They can’t read a Bible, so how will they learn of God’s unfailing love and all he has done?

You can help us change that by sending a Talking Bible. Your gift will give a non-reader a Bible that “talks” to them in their own language. The Bible you send will tell of God’s compassion to people whose gods of stone are cold and unfeeling. Please help us place Talking Bibles in areas of spiritual darkness around the world.

Nagalakshmi and her husband worshiped idols. When struggles would come, they would pray to man-made gods for help. They put their hope in chunks of rock.

One year after they married, Nagalakshmi and her husband had a baby boy. When he was one year old, he became sick. They prayed to their gods for healing. The baby did not get better. They took him to doctors who told them there was no cure. The baby boy would die.

His mother was devastated. She did not know what to do or where to turn.

There was a Christian church in her village. Though she knew little about Christian beliefs, Nagalakshmi was desperate. She went to the church and prayed to Jesus to heal her child. “Jesus answered my prayers and healed our baby,” she says.

Her husband could not accept this. When Nagalakshmi went back to the church to pray and thank Jesus, her husband found and beat her. He was angry and took her home.

“Why is my husband like this?” she wondered. “My baby was almost dead. That is why I went to the church to pray to Jesus. This is not only my problem, it is ‘our problem.’”

“I wanted to die,” she says.

Nagalakshmi tried to hang herself with a sari. “Then,” she says, “a light touched me.” She got off the stool and asked herself, “Why should I die? God healed my baby. God can uphold my family. I will learn to trust him.”

She started attending church regularly and received a Talking Bible. She is trusting that God will watch over her family and bless them.

She listens to her Talking Bible regularly. She says, “Listening to God’s Word in the Talking Bible is helping my faith to grow. Thank you for helping me!”

There are many people in India and other places in the world that are lost and deceived by false gods.

Help them learn about the one, true God by giving them a Talking Bible. The need is great. They are searching for truth and hope.

Your past gifts and prayer have helped Nagalakshmi and others like her learn about Jesus and grow in their faith. Thank you! But many more are waiting in spiritual darkness.

Partner with us in placing Talking Bibles into villages and homes so non-readers can hear of God’s saving grace and learn how to grow in their faith.

A Talking Bible can change a life, a family, a community.

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