Martha is from South Sudan. When the fighting started, she left everything behind and escaped to a refugee camp in Ethiopia with her children. Her husband stayed to fight.

The church Martha attends in the refugee camp received four Talking Bibles. “We thank God for the Talking Bible which is in a form to serve many people. It is better for us because we cannot read. We can simply put it on and listen to it,” she says.

“Many women in the camp are without their husbands who are still fighting in South Sudan,” Martha tells us. “The Talking Bible sustains us who are left by our husbands because of the problem.”

For a short time, the fighting in South Sudan eased in the area where Martha’s village was located. She and some of her friends moved back to their village. They brought two of the Talking Bibles with them. She says, “When we were at our village, there were many people, both Christians and non-Christians, who were very interested in listening to the Talking Bible in their own language.” The people wanted their very own Talking Bible.

Martha remembers when two blind men in her village wanted the same Talking Bible. Both men were always begging for their own Talking Bible to take to their families. She says that both were asking seriously, but the women only had one to give. “It was really hard because they were both learning and growing from it,” she says.

“We decided that we should ask that you could bring more to us so that people could have enough, because they love it so much.” Martha adds.

Unfortunately, the fighting started up again and Martha had to move back to the camp. There are now five congregations in the camp sharing one Talking Bible. They take turns for two or three days and then must give it to another congregation.

Though the people in the camps are traumatized and struggling, they love to listen to the Talking Bible and talk about what they hear. They ask where they can get one of their own. Martha believes the people really benefit from listening. She says, “Many have lost loved ones and it is encouraging them. I know many widows that it has helped a lot.”

The Talking Bibles in the refugee camps are sharing God’s Word and life-giving mercy and love. As God’s love fills their hearts and attitudes change, our prayers are that it will help to bring about the peace they all long for.

When the refugees eventually return to their villages or make new homes elsewhere, they will bring those Talking Bibles with them. God’s Word will reach remote places that missionaries might never find.

You can make a difference in a non-reader’s life. Christians in the refugee camps in South Sudan are desperate for His Word. You can share God’s love and mercy and help them grow in their faith with a Talking Bible.

Please partner with us to place Talking Bibles in the refugee camps in and around South Sudan.

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