We did not stop worshiping God when we came to the camp from our homes in South Sudan.

⸻ James

James lives in a refugee camp in Ethiopia with his wife and two children. Originally from South Sudan, the war and rebellion made it too dangerous to stay. James and his family fled their home, and ended up in a refugee camp with thousands of others.

James was already a Christian when he had to flee South Sudan. Frustrated by the breakdown in his community, he is encouraged and blessed since receiving a Talking Bible. “I like it because it reminds us about what we are to be doing, even when we are living away from our homes,” he says.

“For me, the younger generation needs this even though many who are asking for it are older and not able to read.” he says. James explains that many young people in South Sudan cannot read either. Often, they are involved in things that are not good like abusing alcohol and chewing khat.

“They know these things are not good for them, but they do not have a purpose or vision for living,” says James. He adds, “But when they have a chance to listen to the Bible, by listening and then talking together, they are very engaged and many can leave the bad things and start attending church. I am thankful that many of them have become Christians.”

Most of the people living in the refugee camps have no jobs. They struggle with malnutrition, lack of clean water, and illness. The youth, in particular, struggle with boredom and bad habits. Praise God that His Word is reaching them through a Talking Bible.

Your gift can help place Talking Bibles into refugee camps in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Over half a million people in the areas where we work have been displaced because of the fighting and danger in South Sudan. Many have lost their family, their homes, and their livelihoods.

They need God’s comforting Word. Help us give them God’s Word.

James is so thankful for his Talking Bible but there are many more refugees who have no access to God’s Word. He says, “We really need these Talking Bibles. They are so easy to use. We just turn it on and listen to it. If you are able to send us more, it would be very helpful in reaching more people.”

Please make a gift today. Give someone a year full of God’s love.

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