Tura is the new messenger of hope in her village now that she has a Talking Bible. She has been sharing what the Bible says about God with others. When the evangelist in her village left, she took over the responsibility by playing her Talking Bible and teaching the people what it says. Despite not being able to read, Tura has used her Talking Bible to start three Listening Bible Study Groups with almost 50 people.

She says, “Both believers and nonbelievers are listening and we are seeing some people in our village changing. Nine people have become believers, though many others are interested, listening and still deciding. I am so happy we have this Talking Bible to help us reach others and help us believers understand God’s ways.”

Tura holds a Talking Bible and smiles at the camera

Duura would like to thank you too, if he could. So would everyone in his village. Duura is a pastor in a remote part of Ethiopia. He has been thrilled with the Talking Bibles placed in his village and nearby villages.

He says, “In our area we have seven Talking Bibles that we share between many congregations. In church, we begin the service by playing it and everybody listens. The whole congregation and the community have become excited about the Bible. It is really important because it supports the ministry. ‘The Word of God has become very sweet!’”

Duura holds a Talking Bible and smiles at the camera

Bup was overjoyed when he received a Talking Bible. He had recently learned about Jesus and become a Christian. However, Bup is blind and has been since the age of three. He had no way of learning and growing in his faith until he received a Talking Bible.

He says, “Now I am so glad to be getting this Talking Bible. I have been so much looking for this Bible since the day I heard about such a thing. Now that I have this opportunity, I just have happiness!”

We thank God for your help. With that help, it is possible for many to hear the Bible in their own language! Thanks to you, God’s love and mercy are being shared and received gratefully.

Bup, with a sighted man, holds a Talking Bible and smiles

Please continue to support Talking Bibles and help those who can’t read hear God’s Word.

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