Imagine that your most treasured possession is a beautiful printed Bible. Now imagine that you can’t read.

This amazing treasure of God’s love and mercy would be out of reach to you. You would not be able to learn from your Bible. It would only be ink on paper.

Bejayama has this problem. She has a printed Bible, but she can’t read. She carries her Bible everywhere she goes. She knows that it is God’s Word, but she can’t reach the truth inside.

Then Bejayama started going to a “Listening Bible Study Group” in her village. She joined a group of women who would listen to a Talking Bible and discuss it. She was amazed to hear the Word of God spoken clearly in her own language. No one in the group can read. But they can listen to God’s Word to learn and grow.

Eventually Bejayama received her own Talking Bible. Now she can listen to the Bible anytime she wants. In her heart language, she can listen to God’s story of redemption and grow in her faith. She is overjoyed.

Now Bejayama hosts her own “Listening Bible Study Group” in her home. She is able to share God’s Word with others from her own village and nearby areas. A pastor occasionally visits the village where Bejayama lives and helps to answer questions about their growing faith.

When new Christians come to faith, they experience the great joy that comes when they learn about Jesus’ unconditional love for them. Many want to share this new faith and learning with others. A Talking Bible gives these new believers a tool to share God’s Word with their families and those around them even if they can’t read. Praise God!

Over one billion people in the world have no access to the Bible. The Talking Bible changes that!

Give nonreaders a Talking Bible so that they can share their faith with friends and neighbors. Your gift could be the seed of a new church sprouting from a Listening Bible Study Group.

Please support Talking Bibles today and send the gift of God’s Word to nonreaders in need of His grace and love.

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