Grasping the Talking Bible between her hands, Ariet listened in awe. With tears running down her face, she realized she was listening to God’s Word.

God was talking to her—in her own language!

Now Ariet can’t get enough. She listens day and night. Neighbors and friends come to her house to hear. On her way to and from work, she plays the Talking Bible for others who join her on her walk.

People regularly ask Ariet if they can listen with her. They hang on every word, thrilled to hear the teachings of Jesus.

Ariet lives in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Growing up in a remote village that had no school, she never learned to read or write.

When she learned about Jesus she was excited. But she had no way of learning more. She could not read the Word of God. Ariet heard a little of the Bible being read at the small church near her village, but she hungered for more.

When Ariet first heard a Talking Bible she was moved to tears. This was like God was talking to her in her own language.

“Why not let us listen together with others?”

But Ariet didn’t keep the Talking Bible to herself. She invited a group of women over to her house to play the Talking Bible together and discuss what they hear.

One of the ladies in the group, Abang, says, “I can say that now I am living because of this Word of God. I am very happy with the message it is giving to me and the life that I now have.”

“Previously I was not having much of an idea about the Bible because I only hear a little of it at church. And now I can hear it and understand it. It has really helped so many of us,” she adds.

Abang’s husband is not a believer, but she trusts God to lead him. She says, “I have a husband who does not believe in Christ. I playing the Talking Bible for him and he says, ‘Why not let us listen together with others? This will help us avoid conflict in our family.’ I can see that he respects the Word of God, and he sees that others near to us are coming to church. This is giving me hope that he may also believe in Christ one day soon.”

“Now I have brothers and sisters in Christ!”

Ariet and the ladies she listens with have learned what it is to be part of the family of God. Another woman in her group says, “This really helped me because I was thinking that I was alone. But now I have brothers and sisters in Christ! I can tell you that those who are listening with me have not had any interest in going to church, but now we go together. We are learning so many things. One thing I learned is that the one who is trusting God will love family and other people.”

Ariet asks for more Talking Bibles to be sent to her village. She says, “I am borrowing it out to people often because they are saying that they must have it to listen to with their families.” For every Talking Bible placed with one non-reader, God touches the lives of so many people around them.

Talking Bibles change lives! God’s Word is opening up for people who can’t read. They can hear his Words to learn and grow. They can share God’s Word with many people around them. They can belong to the family of God.

Thanks to our donors, Ariet’s life has been changed along with many others. Their world is being opened up and God’s Word is filling their hearts.

Please support Talking Bibles. Help non-readers become part of the family of God. Many are waiting and longing for something. God’s Word and His saving grace are the answer.

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