The Power of God’s Word!

Anaya, an Indian Christian woman, recently played her Talking Bible for a friend in the hospital who was very ill and had surgery planned for the next day. After several minutes, a strange voice came out of her friend, “Stop! Turn it off. I don’t want to hear that.” Anaya did not recognize the voice as the voice of her friend and was not sure what to do. The voice continued, “Take it away. I cannot bear this.”

Though she didn’t understand what was happening, Anaya trusted God. She arose, opened the window, and turned her Talking Bible louder. Soon the friend again spoke in a strange voice, “Please may I leave? Let me go, let me go!” After several minutes, Anaya’s friend awoke. She was confused, but herself again. By the next morning, the doctors could not find anything wrong with her, so they cancelled her surgery and sent her home.

The evil spirit that had possessed Anaya’s friend could not stand hearing the Word of the Lord. No one knew she had been possessed by a demon. No one prayed for her deliverance. Only the Talking Bible was played by a friend inside that hospital room. Now Anaya’s friend is baptized, and goes to church. God’s Word is powerful!

There are still many places where God’s light has not penetrated the darkness and countless people who have not heard of His love and forgiveness. Please support Talking Bibles and help us to share God’s Word through a Talking Bible with people who can’t read.