Your gifts are working!

What a great year 2015 was! God blessed us with many changed lives. In story after story from all around the world, the message is the same: God’s Word is powerful and life-changing. By listening to the Talking Bible, people found out for the first time that there is a God who loves them. The Holy Spirit is working through His Word to reach the hearts of the lost. You helped make it happen! Thank you!

God answered my prayers!

Priya slowly entered the church. Sometimes she would come to the church when she was feeling the need to pray. She did not go to regular services.

This time the pastor saw her come in. Striking up a conversation he asked her if she was interested in receiving a Bible. He said she could learn more about Jesus from the Bible. Priya didn’t understand why he would ask her. The pastor knew that most of the women in her village have never been to school and cannot read for themselves. Even so, he gave her a Bible.

This Bible, however, was different. This Bible spoke to her. It was a Talking Bible in her language of Telugu.

Priya listened every day. She was very interested in what the Talking Bible had to say, and her heart was softening. She was also concerned about her husband’s salvation. She started playing the Talking Bible when he was around so he could hear it too. He became interested and involved in listening. Her husband continued to listen and learn and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They were baptized together on the seashore.

Now her husband takes the Talking Bible with him when he drives his truck for work. Every evening they listen together to the Word of God. She says, “The Lord has fulfilled my desires and answered my prayers. I wanted my husband’s salvation, and God did it using this Talking Bible.”

God answers prayers every day with Talking Bibles. His Word heals wounded souls, brings families together, and changes lives.

Many are still waiting!

We continually need your help. Many are still waiting. Many have still not heard God’s Word. Your gift of a Talking Bible, put into the hands of someone like Priya, makes you a missionary! You can have a direct impact without going to India or going on a mission trip. A Talking Bible will go on your behalf, and God’s Word will reach new souls. Only you can make that happen. Bring the Bible into homes where no one can read.