“Waq” is believed to be the god who sends rain and all good things to the Borana people. They pray to and worship “Waq.” But he cannot hear or provide for them.

The Borana also believe in spirits possessing people and things such as trees and rocks. They offer sacrifices to appease these spirits.

Most Borana people living in south Ethiopia still practice this traditional religion, although many have become Muslim over the last 100 years. Very few are Christians.

Kalé, however, is different! She has been listening to a Borana Talking Bible and learning about the true God who can actually save and change her people!

Kalé tells us, “Through this Talking Bible, I am hearing that there is only one God. I am hearing also that God is love, and now I know in my heart that God is good. I am growing in faith and knowledge about God. I love this.”

Kalé listens together with her friends and neighbors. Even her husband, who is not a Christian, is willing to listen to the Talking Bible. Since Kalé received her Talking Bible, five new people have become followers of Jesus in her village. Praise the Lord! Please pray with us that her husband also becomes a believer and is saved.

Kalé understands the many benefits from listening and learning from a Talking Bible. “Relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children are better,” she says, adding, “We have learned about good work ethics. Our children also listen and are learning.”

Kalé tells us that people are excited when they listen. They ask, “How can we find this?” They understand that it is God’s Word speaking to them personally. They want to hold it and take it home. Now her village wants more Talking Bibles in Borana.

Kalé has a solar powered Talking Bible. She is thrilled that it is so easy to use. She says, “The other thing I love about this is that we do not need to use a battery. The Talking Bible is a gift from God. To me it is a blessing that we are hearing God’s Word by God’s gift of the sun.” Kalé realizes that God provides everything she needs, and that “Waq” has never provided the Borana people anything. She is so grateful for her Talking Bible—for God’s gift of His Word.

Join with us and help place more Talking Bibles in villages like Kalé’s. Please give today so many more people can experience God’s love through His Word.

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