Passing on the faith to the next generation of non-readers…

Rabada never heard any Bible stories growing up. When he was a child, his father became ill and was near death when a village pastor came to his house and prayed for him. His father recovered and became a believer. Both Rabada’s mother and father were baptized and started going to church. Because they could not read, they did not have a Bible.

Now Rabada has his own wife and children. He also cannot read so he has difficulty sharing Bible stories with his children. He recently received a Talking Bible to play in his fishing village community. The Talking Bible not only allows him to be an effective witness, but it also is changing his family. Every morning Rabada, his wife and children listen to the Talking Bible. The children are learning Bible stories along with Rabada and his wife—their faith is growing.

Your support will help place Talking Bibles into homes like Rabada’s, where no one in the family can read but have an intense desire to know Jesus.

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