From morning until night, Panabuni Lual immerses himself in God’s Word and his life has changed because of it.

In Gambella, Ethiopia, Panabuni Lual was once known for his violent aggression towards others, including his own wife and children. He says people used to avoid him. Now Panabuni is known as the man who walks through town as the “watchman,” listening to his Talking Bible and sharing what it says with anyone willing to hear.

Since receiving his Talking Bible, the watchman listens with his wife and five children in their native Nuer language every morning before beginning their day. Panabuni says, “Before I had my Talking Bible I thought I was a Christian, but I did not know the love of Jesus Christ and how to behave. Now the things I hear every morning stay with me the whole day.”

Holding his Talking Bible under a tree near his Gambella home, Panabuni explains how he began to love the people around him, “I heard how Jesus Christ had great love for me, and that made me love others. Many times Jesus Christ said to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves,’ so I know how to live now.”

Within the six months of receiving his Talking Bible, Panabuni says he listened through the New Testament at least twice. He keeps returning to Matthew 15 and 21 when Jesus healed the outcasts and those with disabilities. He says he enjoys hearing how Jesus cares for all people and not only the higher classes.

He says the love of Jesus for all people encouraged him to share his faith with all people. Panabuni explains, “I’m not able to read, but my Talking Bible allows me to tell other people about the Word of God. It does not matter where in the society that person comes from—it doesn’t matter if they are able to read or not.”

The formerly aggressive man gives an example of how he recently asked neighbors to come and listen to what he had heard on his Talking Bible. As they gathered, people were surprised at the changes in the man they remember as aggressive and, at times, violent. Panabuni played Matthew 25 from his Talking Bible and then asked his neighbors questions about the parables they heard. He remembers the people asking to hear the parables over and over. According to Panabuni, none of the ten people gathered near his house could read, but they were able to have a Bible study resulting in discussions about the Son of Man returning to divide the sheep from the goats (Matt. 25:33).

As Panabuni rises to leave to work, he explains he needed to put his solar powered Talking Bible out to charge in the sun throughout the afternoon. He says he looks forward to listening in the evenings with his wife after the children are asleep, “We often listen as we go to bed—it allows us to fall asleep with God.”

This Thanksgiving season we have so much to be thankful for. Will you share some of your blessings and be a blessing to someone else by providing them with a Talking Bible in their language?

Please, give today. Share God’s Word with someone who can’t read.

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