At 18 years old, Mark repented of his past lifestyle of sin. He committed his life to Jesus Christ and was baptized. Like many new Christians, he desired to grow in knowledge and faith. However, as he was both poor and a non-reader, he did not have any resources. He was frustrated because he could not explain the basics of his new faith.

The frustration grew when many of Mark’s friends mocked his new life and Jesus Christ whom he said he followed. Now 24 years old, Mark looks back on that time and says, “Though my life was completely changed by Jesus Christ, I found I was being tempted to go back into some of my old ways, especially when my friends invited me to join them in their activities.”

By the age of 22, after a time of frustration, Mark says he settled into being a nominal Christian. He still occasionally shared about Jesus Christ with his Hindu neighbors and family, but because he did not have a Bible, he felt he did not know enough to answer their questions. When Mark received a Talking Bible, for the first time he had access to the Word of God. He said, “From that time, my life changed completely. I was better able to resist temptation and share what I was learning with others.”

He now listens during his shifts as a night watchman as well as at home with his wife and two children. Some nights he listens to more than eight hours of Scripture on his Talking Bible. He has even begun to commit parts of the New Testament to memory. “I am not frustrated about the Word of God now,” says Mark, “The Talking Bible has allowed me to know what I could not have known before and explain it to others.”

Mark’s story shows how important it is for all Christians to hear the Word of God in their heart language, the language they think and share in. He says that there is sometimes opposition to Christians in his city, but the Talking Bible opens doors to reach the friends and neighbors with the Gospel. Mark explains, “Many times people will hear the Talking Bible playing the words of God in our language, and they are interested because they realize maybe Jesus is not a foreign God, but He is like us. They will stay to listen, and then ask many questions.”

Will you join with us in placing Talking Bibles with those who want to hear and understand God’s Word in their language?

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