Dabo and the thirty other non-reading Christians in her village have been praying for and waiting for God to bless them with access to His Word for more than five years. The Talking Bible was an answer to their prayer.

In the small village in Ethiopia where she lives, there are strong cultural beliefs and practices. The people are very resistant to Christianity and evangelists. Dabo became a Christian seven years ago and her husband divorced her because of it. She is now raising her nine children by herself.

Recently, some ladies were travelling near her village. They had just received Talking Bibles and were travelling around the area sharing God’s Word with family and friends in other villages. They showed Dabo their Talking Bibles and they became friends. Dabo invited them to her house.

Dabo was overjoyed to hear God’s Word in her heart language. She asked the ladies how she could get a Talking Bible so she could share it with others in her village. With her friends’ help, Dabo was able to get her own Talking Bible.

Dabo and the other Christians in her village started inviting people to come and hear the Word of God. The people started coming and listening. Even those who had hated them and had been persecuting them wanted to listen. Over the next several months, many people heard God’s Word on the Talking Bible and began worshiping with them. The number of believers in Dabo’s village is now close to 300!

There are no evangelists or pastors in this area. Dabo and the other Christians have become the evangelists and are sharing God’s Word with anyone who will listen. Many are being converted.

In the Borana language, Dabo means bread. Who would ever have thought that the day Dabo was born, God had a plan. In His providence, this beautiful child was named, Dabo, because some day she would bring the Bread of Life to her people.

Dabo is joyfully sharing her faith. She traveled six hours on foot to share her testimony. Will you give today to share God’s Word with nonreaders in villages like Dabo’s? There are non-reading Christians around the world who are ready to become evangelists.

Your gifts are helping to share the Bread of Life so those who are unable to read God’s Word can listen and learn in their heart language!

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