Who would think such joy could be experienced in a small village in rural Africa where all the villagers have leprosy!

Soon after Talking Bibles were given to them, the villagers could be heard giggling and laughing inside their huts. The women were missing limbs and fingers, but they now had the word of God in their language. They danced with glee on their dirt floors surrounded by mats for beds. The joy of knowing Jesus as Lord was within them and now it was unleashed!

Many of the new listeners had no fingers to operate the Talking Bible, but with great determination each person managed to turn them on. The Word of God in their heart language, Swahili, brought spiritual wholeness to all listening.

Will you pray about supporting the placement of Talking Bibles throughout the world with non-readers like the residents of the Bukumbi leprosy camp in Tanzania? You can make an impact for Jesus with unreached people who have never heard the Word of the Lord.

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