It takes just one! One spark to light a fire and one person to spark an interest in something new.

That spark was lit for Nagla by her visiting aunt. Nagla listened eagerly, very curious about what her aunt was saying about Jesus Christ being the Son of God.

Once that spark is lit it doesn’t go away. It creates a desire to learn and grow. Sadly, at the time, there was no way for Nagla to learn more. Nagla’s aunt was visiting from the city and when she returned to the city with her went the Good News.

Nagla is now 14 years old. She lives on a remote island far from cities with no access to education. With little contact with the outside world Nagla had never heard about Jesus before her aunt visited from the city several years ago.

That was when she heard the name of Jesus Christ for the first time. But that was it! No one on the island where Nagla lives ever heard the name of Jesus mentioned again after Nagla’s aunt left and went back to the city.

Then came the Talking Bibles and Nagla finally had an opportunity to learn more about Jesus. Nagla’s family received one of the thirty that were distributed on her island. As her parents listened, they encouraged Nagla and her older sister to listen, too. The teenager said, “I then learned who Jesus is and how He died to save us from our sin — it was by this Talking Bible that many of us learned of eternal life.” Nagla and her sister began listening and sharing with their friends.

By listening to the Talking Bible, she, her sister, and her friends have not only learned about Jesus, but how they can live as Christians. Just in from a day of fishing, the teenager explained, “Before we knew about Jesus, we did not always know what was right or wrong. Now, this Talking Bible gives us something good to obey.”

Nagla now takes every opportunity to listen to her family’s Talking Bible. Every evening before bed, she listens with her family. She says she often takes it to listen to while fishing or mending nets.

Nagla said she is currently listening to her third time through the New Testament. She also said listening with her teenage friends has allowed her to evangelize and share the Good News she has just learned. Laughing she added, “Sometimes we just listen, but we are girls, and we like to talk about what we heard.”

Nagla and her friends have only had access to Scripture for a short time, but she already has favorite portions on the Talking Bibles that she goes back to, “My favorite part is when Jesus speaks to the woman at the well and says ‘God is Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and truth.’”

It may have been unlikely for the people of her island to hear of Jesus Christ, but since the distribution of Talking Bibles there, over 100 of the 300 people living on the island have become Christians, been baptized, and have formed a church.

Looking out at the water that sustains all physical life for the inhabitants of the island she calls home, Nagla said it was the receiving of the Talking Bibles that led her, and many of her low caste and illiterate community, to receive spiritual life.

Will you give a gift today to help more people like Nagla have access to the Word of God through a Talking Bible? Please help light the spark and keep it burning. You can make an impact for Jesus with unreached people who have never heard the Word of the Lord.

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