The Talking Bible has changed James’s life. And James is not keeping that a secret! He can now share the Good News about Jesus right from the Bible even though he doesn’t read.

James Makuach is from the Nuer tribe living in Ethiopia. He received a Talking Bible and loves to listen to it. The Talking Bible has changed his life. Being able to hear God’s spoken Word in his language has allowed him to grow and learn about the ways of God. Not only that, he is sharing the Good News by playing his Talking Bible for his friends and family.

Because of the Talking Bible, James has become a new missionary to his own people. Before he received the Talking Bible, he only heard God’s Word when someone read it in church. He had a hard time understanding and growing in his faith. Now that has changed! James wants to share what he has learned from the Bible now that he has access to the Words inside.

“These Talking Bibles have helped my people know the way of God. The nonbelievers know how to become believers and we all know how to live according to God. The Bibles tell us completely what God has to say,” says James.

New believers like James want to share the exciting news of God’s salvation, but often are ill-equipped and don’t know what to say. Talking Bibles are helping them in amazing ways.

See what happened to James’s neighbor. James says, “Our neighbor Elizabeth was hearing the Talking Bible and she asked us, ‘What does this mean?’ ‘Just listen,’ we told her. After listening, she said, ‘I am one of those who have not loved God or my neighbor. Now, after listening to this I will come back to church.’ She is now very involved at church and her faith is strong!”

“We have observed that many people are eager to hear the Talking Bible. We noticed that they are seeing and understanding something they never understood before.” James shares. “Talking Bibles help people become Christian and go to church and strengthen their faith in Christ. This is something that really helps us. This is the way the Gospel can spread.”

In this world of technology, people who cannot read can still have access to the words of the Bible by listening and understanding.

Will you pray about supporting the placement of Talking Bibles throughout the world with poor, non-readers like James and his church? You can help the Gospel spread to unreached people who have never heard the Word of the Lord.

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