After three months, our church has grown by twenty people!

⸻ Peter Gatkek

Peter Gatkek is a Nuer evangelist and church elder in West Ethiopia. Peter uses the Talking Bibles in many ways in his village and surrounding area. “It is very helpful for those who cannot read – including the blind,” says Peter. “We are also using it in some of the groups in the church and in some surrounding villages. Children also love listening to the Talking Bible.”

When Nuer refugees come over the border to get supplies, members of Peter’s church introduce them to the Talking Bible—the Nuer love hearing God’s Word in their heart language. They often ask how they can get a Talking Bible to bring back to their people.

Part of the Talking Bibles ministry is to provide leaders in communities of oral learners with “talking” Bibles, God’s spoken Word, in their native languages. Peter is one of these leaders who use the Talking Bible to share God’s teachings with those around him. The area where he lives shares 6 Talking Bibles with 13 church congregations.

“Everybody likes it, even those who are not Christians,” Peter reports, “We have been discussing about the sower and the seeds after listening to this parable. Many people are asking me where they can get this. Please help us to get more.”

More Talking Bibles are needed. Very few people are able to read. Many have never heard about God’s saving grace. Those who have become Christians desperately want to learn, but have no access to scripture.

Will you help people like Peter expand the outreach of the Gospel by making a gift to place Talking Bibles in areas untouched by the Word of God? Please, prayerfully consider a gift to help place many Talking Bibles in places in the world where people will never otherwise hear the Word of God.