Konah Benugu knew he was bad. Growing up in the fishing village of Konark on India’s Bay of Bengal, the fisherman did not believe there was any hope for him.

“As a young man my life and my habits were very disturbing to my parents, but drinking alcohol and other things were all I knew, and all my friends knew,” Konah says, “It was how we were, and I had no hope that it was possible to be different.”

After Konah’s parents became Christians, they begged him to come to church with them. They hoped he would change his destructive lifestyle of drinking and carousing if he went to church. So he did! Hearing the words of the pastor teaching the Bible changed his life. Konah surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and was baptized in the nearby ocean. Smiling, the fisherman says God soon brought a wife and the first of his three children, but he adds, “Not all was well in my life.”

Standing on the beach near rows of fishing boats, Konah says, “I wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ to help me against the temptations of life.”

Konah could see the power of God’s Word in other people’s lives, but he is illiterate. He admits, “I was challenged because I could only be empowered by God’s Word when I was at church.” That changed when Konah got a Talking Bible.

In 2013, Konah and his family received a Talking Bible in their language. Now he has access to God’s Word to empower him against temptations that constantly threatened to pull him back.

“I understood how Jesus came from heaven to earth to die on a cross for me, my pastor had taught that very well to us”, the fisherman remembers. He says the Talking Bible taught him that, “Jesus fasted for 40 days and when Satan came to disturb Him Jesus defeated him with the Words of God. That was what we fishermen were missing and now have in this Talking Bible.”

Konah says he listens to the Talking Bible while fishing with his coworkers. In the first year of using the Talking Bible with his coworkers, two fishermen have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and been baptized. “We sit for hours after putting the nets in the water and then sit for hours on the beach repairing the nets. It is the best time to listen to The Talking Bible,” he says.

At home is where Konah sees the real blessing. Now his family can grow up with God’s Word in their home. He never had that, because his parents couldn’t read. By listening together in the evening before they go to sleep, this father of three says, “We have been all the way through the New Testament together, my parents could never have done that with me when I was a child.”

This Christmas season, give thanks with us for the way God’s Word is changing the hearts of men and women around the world. Your support has made an impact for Jesus.

See how the Talking Bible blessed Konah? Two coworkers came to Christ, and his family now has access to the precious Words of the Bible at home. Thank you for your faithful continued support. It makes a difference.