Yesuran and his wife Rakshana have been married 35 years. They have been Christians for many years, but they didn’t think the Bible was for personal use until they got a Talking Bible.

They can’t read, so the only time they heard the Bible read was in church. Their conclusion? “The Bible is only to be read in church,” Yesuran says.

Even though Yesuran and Rakshana don’t worship idols any more like their Hindu parents, they didn’t really know what the Bible said about idol worship. They didn’t have a clear understanding of how God feels about idol worship and having other gods until they got a Talking Bible.

Yesuran is a fisherman. He and his wife have been married 35 years. They live in a small fishing village on India’s Bay of Bengal. Neither one can read. They don’t need to know how to read for Yesuran to be a good fisherman. He has done that all his life, so he’s good at it!

Being illiterate means the printed Bible is of little value to them. Receiving a Talking Bible changed so much for them. All of a sudden, having a Bible took on a whole new meaning. After receiving a Talking Bible they now had access to scriptures. According to Yesuran, it also changed their marriage. “Before we were two, and happy, but with this Talking Bible we became three as we became one with God together,” he says.

Rakshana said that in the two years of having the Talking Bible they have replaced the batteries more than six times. A good set of batteries used for personal listening will last 150 hours or 6 times through the New Testament. Hungry to know what God’s Word says, they keep going through the New Testament over and over again. Like many non-reading Christians, Yesuran and his wife had a deep, unfulfilled desire to know what the Bible says, but didn’t know because they couldn’t read it and there was no one to read the Bible to them. The Talking Bible changed that.

Holding their Talking Bible, Yesuran laughs, saying, “We have quarreled over my taking the Talking Bible to work in the fishing boat and her wanting to keep it in the house, because we both want to hear God’s words.”

The fisherman says listening through the Talking Bible has encouraged him to be thankful for all God has done for his family, including their three children and six grandchildren. He says his favorite portion is the descriptions of the resurrection in the gospels, adding, “I know because Jesus Christ resurrected after three days, whenever we die we will also be raised up again to be with God forever.”

Yesuran adds, “That is what I have told my grandchildren, and what I tell my fellow fishermen –there is surely a resurrection.”

Rakshana explains that before having the Talking Bible there were large portions of scripture she had never heard because they were not read in church. Since listening through the New Testament she has come to enjoy Matthew 13 with the parable of the seeds and the four types of soil. The grandmother says she has used the parable as an example in explaining to people how they can receive the message of Jesus Christ.

Standing together, with their Talking Bible after a late night Bible study in their village church, Rakshana expounds on the parable of the seeds and soil. Holding her husband’s arm, she addd, “We came from a background of idol worship, and thought we were satisfied to just know the true God through Jesus Christ, but now I want to have good soil so His message can grow deeper and I can give of the fruit to others.”

According to Yesuran and Rakshana the Talking Bible has been instrumental in allowing them to give to their children, and now their grandchildren, access to the word of God that they never had. Yesuran says the Talking Bible allows him to pass on what he has learned. “We are illiterate people, so being able to tell my own children and grandchildren about Jesus Christ is something I never thought I could do, but now we can,” he says.

Each Talking Bible placed in a home of a non-reading family makes a real difference. God loves to use His Word to reveal himself to those who have yet to meet Him. Give God’s Word to non-readers and be a part of the ministry to these people in their heart language.