It has been said that “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

For the Borana tribal leaders in South Ethiopia and Kenya, the will to resist the Gospel is beginning to change. Borana men have for centuries been steeped in animism and witchcraft—they worship demons, nature, and are very resistant to any change.

Until recently many tribal leaders wanted nothing to do with missionary or evangelistic efforts. A new strategy has started to change that. This unreached people group is responding to God’s love for them. After listening to the Talking Bible, they understand there is a God who loves them very much and cares for them, too!

Talking Bibles has been working with young Borana students who attend hostels (a form of Christian School). The students are acting as “evangelists” to their relatives and families by playing the Talking Bible in group settings.

At first some of the older family members reject listening to the Talking Bible. However, over time, even some of the most hard to reach tribal leaders are starting to listen to the Talking Bible in their language. What a breakthrough!

Borana youth have begun sharing their new-found faith in Jesus with their older, non-believing family members by starting listening Bible study groups using Talking Bibles. One father, a tribal elder, persecuted his own son—a believer in Jesus—and was estranged from him.

Paul Lindberg, our East Africa Coordinator, reports, “I met this tribal elder some months later. While listening to testimonies of new believers, I noticed the old man began to stare at me. He pointed for me to come outside—I nervously followed him. Facing me, he took my hand and kissed it. Through an interpreter, he told me that he had been listening to the Borana Talking Bible. He told me he found the truth, was brought into a relationship with Jesus, and restored to his son. What an amazing testimony of God’s grace.

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