Spending their whole lives on a remote island in India’s state of Andhra Pradesh, Posibabu Koda, his wife Subhadra, and their two children were unlikely to ever know of Jesus Christ. They have never had electricity, education, or health care. Until recently, the 300 isolated people in their low caste fishing community had never heard of the Bible or the God of the Bible.

Posibabu and Subhadra grew up like their parents and all the people around them, worshiping idols and the false gods. Then in 2011, thirty Talking Bibles were distributed on their island. Posibabu remembers how many of the people immediately received them as revelation from God that would lead to freedom from the bondage of Hinduism. His wife recalls, “I heard the Talking Bible, and for the first time we heard of Jesus Christ. From that time, we know the love of God many of us became Christians.”

Pasibabu leaves his family’s tarp covered shack before dawn every morning to earn a living fishing on the water. He often plays plays the Talking Bible in their language of Telugu for his Hindu fishing partners and while mending nets in the afternoon. The father says he enjoys sharing his faith with his fellow fishermen, but his greatest joy is that his daughter Anushka, 5, and son Yesuraju, 3, listen to the Talking Bible every evening. He says he and his wife thank God that their children will grow up with a knowledge of God they never had until receiving the Talking Bible.

“We have listened through the whole Bible more than two times, some parts we have listened to more times,” says Subhadra. Holding her son, the mother adds, “Before, we could never have known these things about Jesus Christ, but our children have something greater than we ever knew as children.”

Pasibabu admits that before having the Talking Bible and learning about Jesus Christ, Hinduism offered no hope in difficult times. Since then, his family has learned that God is with them at all times. In the difficult times he likes to listen to the a account of Jesus arising from sleeping on the boat to calm the storm by saying, “Peace, be still.” Being familiar with boats and storms, the fisherman says of his favorite passage, “At the words of Jesus, the winds and the sea were at peace, so we know He can calm our storms.”

Like others on their island, Pasibabu and Subhadra have been transformed by hearing the Word of God on the Talking Bible. A year after receiving 30 Talking bibles, a core group of Christians continued growing in their knowledge and relationship with God to the point they formed a simple church. Pasibabu became an elder. From the initial few Christians, the church community has grown to about 100 people gathering for worship in a village that previously had never heard of Jesus and had no access to Scripture.

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