You can change the world, today and for eternity, one person at a time by giving a Talking Bible to someone like Tume.

Tume lives in an area of the world that has been devastated by drought. People have not had access to clean water since 2002. Many in her area suffer from malnutrition and AIDS. If someone in Tume’s village gets sick, they have to walk a day and night to get to the health clinic. For many, it is a wasted trip. There are no doctors, without electricity or running water and minimal medical supplies there is little hope of finding help, but people still walk to the clinic searching for help.

Tume is married and has three children. Her husband works in a government office. He is so busy with his job that he does not have time to spend with her and the children. Tume grew up not understanding the dangers of promiscuity. In fact, her tribe encouraged it. **Tume was lucky—she didn’t get sick even though she “played around” with other men. **

While listening to the Talking Bible she discovered that her relationship with her husband was wrong. Tume now knows flirting and having sexual relations with other men is not right, but how can she change that behavior when the whole tribe expects and encourages it?

Listening to the Talking Bible has helped to clarify appropriate boundaries within Tume’s marriage. Tume was happy to learn about forgiveness for her sins and is now living the life of a new child of God. She also understands that she and her husband are much safer following God’s law and having a monogamous relationship only with each other.

Soon Tume will want to share her new faith. Pray she will take the bold step of faith and play the Talking Bible for the women in her village who do not know Jesus. By starting a Talking Bible listening group, she will be able to spread the Good News to a circle of unreached women who will never hear the Good News without Tume and her Talking Bible.

The need for Talking Bibles continues to increase in areas where the message of the Gospel has not been presented. Literally millions of people have never heard the Good News that the Creator of all things wants to have a personal relationship with them. These people will not learn how to live rightly and serve the Lord unless you help.

Investing in the ministry of Talking Bibles is an opportunity to change the world today and for eternity.

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