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Our Stories Yonus Holding his Talking Bible. Our Stories

Yonus Yonus Holding his Talking Bible. Yonus

Yonus is a pastor in Ethiopia. He has just one Talking Bible. “Everyone is asking to play it in their homes.” says Yonus.

Pastor Raju Pastor Raju with some of his church members holding their Talking Bibles. Pastor Raju

Pastor Raju has a heart and a passion to teach the people about God!

Agnes Agnes holding her Talking Bible outside her hut. Agnes

“When I realized that my heart was too hard, I knew my heart needed to be softened by the Word of God,” she says.

Pastor Jyothi Pastor Jyothi with two friends. Pastor Jyothi

When Jyothi tries to teach and disciple his congregation through Scripture, the barrier of illiteracy becomes a problem.

Priayanka Priayanka holding her Talking Bible. Priayanka

Priayanka’s story reminds us that there are followers of Christ in hard-to-reach places.

Raj Raj holding his Talking Bible. Raj

We are so thankful for you and for all that you do to give non-readers the chance to hear God’s Word on a Talking Bible.

Achan Achan standing outside with a beautiful smile. Achan

“I would only hear the Talking Bible at church on Sundays,” says Achan. “Once I received [a Talking Bible], I would listen and share it at our coffee ceremony.”

Mongalsing Mongalsing holding his Talking Bible. Mongalsing

Mongalsing and his wife never had a Bible before. They can’t read, so they’ve never really had a use for a Bible—even though they are Christians.

Norman Norman holding his Talking Bible Norman

Norman’s church struggles with division over doctrinal issues. People who cannot read don’t trust the teachings of the few readers in the church.

Taban Taban holding his Talking Bible outside a brick, thatched roof hut. Taban

“Being alone in the camp is so painful,” he says. “You have to forgive.”

Mary Nyabol Mary holding her Talking Bible in front of a mud hut. Mary Nyabol

Thirty years ago, Mary was a refugee. Forced to leave her war-torn homeland, Mary and many others arrived in Ethiopia to start a fresh life.

Samson Samson holding a Talking Bible under a hut. Samson

God changed Samson’s life, but Samson had no way of reading the Bible.