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Our Stories

Our Stories Norman holding his Talking Bible Our Stories

Norman Norman holding his Talking Bible Norman

Norman’s church struggles with division over doctrinal issues. People who cannot read don’t trust the teachings of the few readers in the church.

Taban Taban holding his Talking Bible outside a brick, thatched roof hut. Taban

“Being alone in the camp is so painful,” he says. “You have to forgive.”

Mary Nyabol Mary holding her Talking Bible in front of a mud hut. Mary Nyabol

Thirty years ago, Mary was a refugee. Forced to leave her war-torn homeland, Mary and many others arrived in Ethiopia to start a fresh life.

Samson Samson holding a Talking Bible under a hut. Samson

God changed Samson’s life, but Samson had no way of reading the Bible.

Jacob Jacob holding a Talking Bible Jacob

Jacob is an evangelist in India. Every day, he goes from house to house, telling people about the love of God.

Bishop Joshua Bishop Joshua standing in front of a brick wall Bishop Joshua

“Even as a bishop, it is hard to read so much,” says Joshua. That’s why he is so happy to get Talking Bibles.

Abigail Abigail holding a Talking Bible. Abigail

“We should be busy with the Word of God,” says Abigail, “not work.”

Manyok Manyok holding a Talking Bible Manyok

A leader in the Anglican Church of South Sudan, Bishop Manyok continues his ministry in the Nyumanzi Refugee Camp.

Khushbu Beautiful hands holding a Talking Bible Khushbu

She was beaten by her father for going to church. But Khushbu didn’t give up on him.

Mogusu Fredrick Mogusu with his four daughters and friend, Madame Priscilla (far right) Mogusu

“Sometimes trials come for us to know God more,” Fredrick Mogusu testifies. “Without trials, you might not know.”

Simon Simon holding a Talking Bible Simon

Simon couldn’t read. He needed to hear the Gospel. He needed to hear Jesus’ teachings to help him and his family through very difficult times.

Rebecca Rebecca holding a Talking Bible by a tree with a blue cross painted on it. Rebecca

The civil war in her homeland emotionally devastated Rebecca, and more than that, it forced her and her family to flee to a refugee camp in northern Uganda.