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Our Stories Mary holding a Talking Bible in front of a tree Our Stories

Real life stories of Talking Bibles listeners

When God speaks directly through his Word, he breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear. Every month, we feature the story of a life changed by the grace of God. The stories below are only a small fraction of the thousands of testimonies that we have collected directly from new believers who have received a Talking Bible.

Mary Aluk Mary holding a Talking Bible in front of a tree Mary Aluk

After fleeing South Sudan with some of her family members, Mary settled in a refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Pastor Ram Pastor Ram and his wife holding a Talking Bible. Pastor Ram

“The church needs the Bible. For us, it comes in this Talking Bible in which both the non-Christians and the Christians learn about who Jesus is and what He means for them,” Ram says.

Preeti Preeti, and Indian woman, holding a Talking Bible Preeti

Holding her Talking Bible, Preeti says she has learned so much from listening.

Sisa Sisa is a young man in Ethiopia. Sisa

Sisa is a young man in Ethiopia. He is a farmer and can’t read or write.

Green Chutney Indian family cooking in a dirt floor hut with animals. Green Chutney

You don’t have to eat green chutney to share the Gospel.

Neva Neva holding a Talking Bible. Neva

Five years since the conflict began in South Sudan, over 4 million people have been forcibly displaced.

Sobita Sobita, and Indian woman with gold nose rings, holding a Talking Bible. Sobita

God’s Spirit is moving through India, from person to person, and home to home, through the Talking Bible.

Deva Deva holding a Talking Bible. Deva

Deva, a man from India, faced persecution for his Christian faith, but refused to back down.

Tunu Duva Tunu Duva holding a Talking Bible. Tunu Duva

Tunu Duva lives in a village in Ethiopia where very few people can read.

Nagaji Nagaji holding a Talking Bible. Nagaji

“He is the healer, the new-life giver,” Nagaji says about Jesus. Now he is not only a farmer in Rajasthan, but a child of God.

Opse Bdane Opse holding a Talking Bible in front of a wall with a red cross drawn on it. Opse Bdane

Opse Bdane shared the Talking Bible with her husband and four children; they are all believers now.

Hakrumuna Hakrumuna in a corn field holding a Talking Bible Hakrumuna

Hakrumuna only went to school for a few years as a child, so he can’t read the Bible for himself.